Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Positive Thinking

So about half way through last year I learnt a really great thing about myself. I realised that I can do anything!! I believe it's from the power of positive thinking!

The moment I had this realisation was after making my 7yr old his Avengers Birthday cake. (See my post "Happy Birthday" from August 2012.) This was quite a challenge as I used Fondant for the first time and I really wasn't sure how I wanted the cake to look. But the cake turned out awesome!

After that I thought - if I put my mind to something I really do think I can do it! Unfortunately my big swollen head was soon deflated in October when my son turned 5 and decided he wanted a "Trashy's" garbage truck cake - no that didn't surprise me that this little character of mine wanted a garbage truck for his cake! SIMPLE I though - but no that was a huge FAIL!!!! Notice there is no post about his birthday cake!!

But following my new motto, I transformed his failed truck into a "trash pack" monster. Yes quite a transformation - but it worked and it made me feel better!

Since then I have had quite a few little accomplishments. I keep telling myself that I CAN do it.

So this brings me too my latest challenge. My bub is turning 1! I really want to do her an owl cake. I've researched a few ideas on the net. I had a bit of that fondant from October left in the pantry so I thought I would try to do an owl. I had to zap it in the microwave first to soften it - but in my defence it was still quite crumbly and dry (with hard chunks)

What do you think??
The consensus in our house was that it looks like a bear. Hmmm.

So this morning I went down to the shop - got myself some more fondant and have tried again. This is attempt number 2.

I'm quite pleased with these little babies. See I CAN do it!! Yay!!!
Now I just have to work out the rest of what the cake will look like! - I have until the party Sunday - so not too much pressure!!


  1. Yes, you really can do ANYTHING!! Rachel xx

  2. Attempt 2 is great! The owls are so cute, I look forward to seeing what the finished product looks like!

    I really enjoyed this post, sometimes I think a positive attitude just gives us the edge that we need to achieve what we want!

    Zoe xx

    1. Thanks Zoe! I cant wait to see my finished cake either!! I have big plans (hehe)!!!