Monday, 28 January 2013

Birthday time!!

Happy Birthday to my little bub!! One already! This year has gone so fast!!

So my cake turned out really brilliantly...haha...well in the end it did.......

I kinda had a few issues with the first attempt of the cake. It rose up beautifully....nice and round and high...that was until I turned it out onto the cooling rack - that's when disaster struck and it fell into about 5 different pieces! As you can imagine my heart sunk! I had to start again! I even got up early, wrote myself a list, had the cake in the oven by 8.30 am. I thought I was on top of things..... Then I couldn't do anything until my hubby got back from the shop with more eggs. So what else to do? Well get creative with my disaster of course!! I turned it into cake balls!

So I just rolled the cake into balls - hoping like crazy that they would stay together. Then I coated them in pink icing and rolled them into pink and white coconut!
They were a big hit at the party! No body would ever have been any wiser except for my clever boys showing everyone the photos of my disaster - they thought it was hilarious!

So once the cake was made onto the rest of the party preparations! Putting up the bunting, and the rest of the food. Making party food is always heaps of fun - the fairy bread, popcorn, fruit kebabs - YUM. I always like to have fruit on offer. It really does surprise you that the fruit plate is generally one of the first to be eaten! I was working in a kindy last year, and made a point of always having a plate of fruit at class parties. Watermelon, strawberries and grapes are always popular!

And due to such hot day yesterday, we had some bottles of water as well as soft drink and fruit juice.

In the end our little girls party was great. Even with the heat, the disaster cake and the stress of party planning, we had a really fun day!

Happy Birthday Bub!


  1. I can't believe she's one already! Time has flown so quickly! Happy birthday Z!

    x Jasmine

  2. I know I already said this on Instagram, but this is so cute, I am super impressed! I can usually manage to bake things that taste ok, but my presentation is clearly where I am lacking, and I am constantly amazed by people who manage to get their food looking so impressive!

    Thanks for popping over to my blog, I really enjoy talking about blogging and learning more, I don't know how to combat this reply to post issue, so I'm just trying to visit other people's blogs and reply that way, it tricky sometimes though as I feel I sound a little incoherent... Not to worry, we'll work it out!

    I hope the party was lovely!

    Zoe xx

  3. wow! I love your cake!! I'm a bit mad about Owls too and your ball cakes look mighty fine too ;)