Monday, 28 July 2014

Beach getaway!

Holidays, holidays.... I love holidays
No washing, no ironing, no cooking....what's not to love?
Well hubby and I decided to have a little getaway on the weekend. Just to Mandurah (coastal town of WA - but only about 1hrs drive from home)
It wasn't extravagant, but it was a getaway, away from the daily routine.

We were hoping for nice weather, but unfortunately it rained most of the time. There were a few moments of blue skies though, so we got to enjoy ourselves and just relax! Here's some photo's I thought I'd share with you.

Keep your eyes peeled for "part 2" of our Beach Getaway. Something very exciting happened!!!!

Monday, 21 July 2014

I Made The List! (The Big List of Crafters!)

 So....hands up if your a fan of Instagram??
I LOVE Instagram! IG ( as the cool kids call it) and Facebook are my top 2 of social media networks!
So I was really excited to find out that fellow blogger The Crafty Mummy was compiling a Big List Of Crafters on Instagram.
The reason I love IG so much is for the endless inspiration,( search #sewingprojects, #yarnbombing, #scrapbooking, #fabric for example and you'll see what I mean!)  So this list is great. Each of the crafters listed has a dedicated page to their crafting.
If you scroll down, under the 'sewing' category, you will find ME!!! But don't scroll too fast as there is heaps of other great pages to check out!
Look! It's me!
So pop on over to The Crafty Mummy and have a look! ( click here)
Do you have an Instagram account? If you do, leave me a link (or your user name) and I'll look you up!

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Do You Wanna Build A Scarecrow?

So.... what to do on a sunny but cold day of the school holidays?
Build a scarecrow of course!
A few posts back I told you all how my hubby had done a massive wardrobe clear out, leaving me with heaps of clothes to find uses for. (Read that post here - Up-cycling Daddies Old Work Shirts)
Well this was another project for some of the clothes!
For this project I used:
Plastic Bags
Pipe cleaners
Old clothes
Needle and thread
Big metal spike thing that I had in the garden ( you could use a wooden stake/ rake / broom etc)

I chose all these items because they were what I already had around the house. You know - Up- cycling, re-cycling and re-using things!
For the face I cut out 2 black circles for eyes from the clothes. I roughly stitched these on to a white shirt.
I stitched a pipe cleaner for the mouth

I gave the kids the job of stuffing the body. We stuffed newspaper into the plastic bags first, then into the shirt. This helps keep the scarecrow water proof and not get so soggy through winter.
We didn't get chance to make the legs, but I think we may just keep him this way. We also need to find him a hat! 
The kids have named him John after my hubby!

Oh and here's a pic of a snail we found in the veggie patch! The kids played with it longer than it took us to build the scarecrow!

Thursday, 17 July 2014

The Raccoon Family

Do you follow me on Instagram or Facebook? If you do you would have seen my cute Raccoon Family! If you haven't met them they are! What do you think?? I think they kinda have a Ninja thing going on!


Tuesday, 15 July 2014

I WANT one! (stamps feet...)

 Do you ever get that thing where you want something, just because. For no real reason other than just because you want it? My 2 yr old gets that feeling all the time - as well as my 7 & 9 yr olds! - and yes that's where the foot stamping comes from!
Well my "I WANT" item is a dress Mannequin. I don't make clothes, I have no space to put one and I don't need one, but I have always wanted one. And not just any Plain Jane Mannequin, I want a nice one (or one that I can make nice and pretty)
So as you can see from the below photo. I GOT one! Yay! And this is a special one. Its only little (much more practical) and even better it cost me $5... yes $5!!!!! BARGAIN!
Do you have a "I want" item? What is it?

Friday, 11 July 2014

Winter Warmers Showcase

Ooh a Showcase! How special does that sound?
If you follow any makers on Facebook then you've probably heard of showcases before. If not - let me fill you in! I had seen them floating around my news-feed, but never really understood them before.
Well now I'm taking part in my SECOND showcase! My first was quite successful so I thought I'd give it another shot!

So here's what happens. (Feel free to skip this part if you know already)

As a maker/artist/seller you submit your item/s for sale to the organiser. You also give a description/price/postage details etc.
The organiser usually sets a time frame for the submissions and the products usually need to suit a specific theme.

The Showcase will have a set "opening time" and "closing time". Once declared open, as a buyer you comment "sold" on the item you want. NIL (next in line) can also be commented if the sale to the first person falls through.

Payments are generally made for the item within 24hrs and contact between the seller and the buyer must be made within this time also.

So that is a general outline of how they work. Obviously each showcase would have it's own rules and terms and conditions so make sure you read them!!

But anyway... onto the Showcase featuring my owls! This is being run by Handmade In Western Australia. It is an awesome Facebook page dedicated to promoting handmade businesses in Western Australia.

This Showcase is titled Winter Warmers. And although all items must be made in WA, they can certainly be bought by anyone from anywhere within Australia ( possibly international too - just check with the seller first for international shipping rates). Items are available for purchase from 6pm WST on Friday 18th July.
 My submissions are these two winter themed owls.
There are heaps of other awesomely amazing handmade items up for purchase as well! Pop over and check them out!
Have you bought from or sold at a showcase before? Were the rules similar?

Monday, 7 July 2014

Scrappy Houses!

I'm on a mission!
A mission to use up all my scrap fabric!
I'm not sure about you - but I have HEAPS - and I don't want it to go to waste.
This little project is one that I finished a few months back but I wanted to share it with you all.
Please forgive the 'roughness' and 'crinkles'. Lets just pretend the 'roughness' was on purpose, and the wrinkles......well I was too lazy to get the iron out!
But have no fear, after the project was finished, I ironed the whole lot!
So here's the progress shots!

The bit that I really loved most about this project was adding all the little embellishments. I used buttons, little hand stitches, and ribbons which I think just helped to finish it off!

Ta daa!!!! It's now hanging proudly in my dining room. What do you think? Since I took this picture I have added a little owl button to the tree, and I have some mushroom buttons waiting to be added too! I think it is going to be a work in progress!

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Handmade Love - Owls

Have I mentioned before how much I love handmade? ...Ok..maybe I've mentioned it a few times. And as I am constantly on the net, and love looking at so many clever peoples creations, I thought I might share some of the things I love!
So I thought I'd start by sharing other handmade owl items. And if you think they are as awesome as I do,  pop by their pages, show them some love ('like' / 'share' / comment / buy) and let them know I sent you!
( if you click the image it will take you to their shop )

How cute are these little earrings! And how much work must go into making them!  

Kawaii Owl stud earrings - Hand sculpted
Kawaii Owl stud Earrings
by Daisuki
I love this little set! Hair clips and a card! What a perfect gift for an owl lover!
Hairclip Birthday Card
Hairclip Birthday Card
by Pretty Little Things
Wow! This owl definitely combines my two addictions! A girl can never have too many owls or buttons!
Cute Pink Button Owl - Paperweight / Ornament - Solid Button Filled Resin
Cute Pink Button Owl
by Addicted to Buttons
This is super cool. Love the natural wood look!

Image of Bamboo Brooch Normally $10 now $8
Bamboo Brooch
by Lily and Charlie

Oh and what can I say! I'm in love with geo pattern!

Handmade Owl Door Stop
Handmade Owl Doorstop
By House of Nicnax
Of course that last one there is my fav (wink wink!)

Are you a maker? Do you have an awesome owl product that you want to share? Leave a link in the comments- I'd love to see!