Monday, 21 July 2014

I Made The List! (The Big List of Crafters!)

 So....hands up if your a fan of Instagram??
I LOVE Instagram! IG ( as the cool kids call it) and Facebook are my top 2 of social media networks!
So I was really excited to find out that fellow blogger The Crafty Mummy was compiling a Big List Of Crafters on Instagram.
The reason I love IG so much is for the endless inspiration,( search #sewingprojects, #yarnbombing, #scrapbooking, #fabric for example and you'll see what I mean!)  So this list is great. Each of the crafters listed has a dedicated page to their crafting.
If you scroll down, under the 'sewing' category, you will find ME!!! But don't scroll too fast as there is heaps of other great pages to check out!
Look! It's me!
So pop on over to The Crafty Mummy and have a look! ( click here)
Do you have an Instagram account? If you do, leave me a link (or your user name) and I'll look you up!


  1. Awww... thanks so much for sharing the Big List!

    1. No problems! How could I not share! Its such a fantastic list! I'm making my way through it slowly! So many wonderfully creative people out there!