Tuesday, 28 January 2014

10 second dip

With school going back, tummies are bound to be getting hungry! So I thought I'd share my families absolutely favourite dip!

How fast can you -rip-pour-scoop-stir?? That is the question!!
I've called it 10 second dip- but I'll just put a little disclaimer out there- it may take you a little longer - it may not even take you that long. I just thought '10 Second Dip' sounded better than just 'Dip'

But it really is that simple. 
All you need is # one pack of the really cheap French onion instant soup mix, (I find the cheaper one tastes better- but I'll leave it up to you.)
# a small carton of sour cream (you can use a big one- the finished flavour just isn't as strong)
# a container
# a spoon or fork
So are you ready for the instructions? Here we go-
*RIP* it open and *POUR* it in your container. 
Next open your sour cream and *SCOOP* that in your container. 
*MIX* it up. 

You can eat it instantly or leave it in the fridge a bit to set. 

My kids love this for afternoon tea. In fact it is so simple - they do it themselves!