About me!



Where do I start??

Well firstly - Welcome to House of Nicnax!

I'm Nicole and I am the creative Handmaiden behind House of Nicnax!

I am also a mum of three awesome children. And although they drive me crazy most days, I wouldn't switch them for anything! ( not even a never-ending room of fabric!)

I create everyday, in many different ways. Not only is it my hobby it's also a bit of an obsession! If I don't make something every day- I feel as though I will explode! ( do you know what I mean!?!)

I am best known for making my owl doorstops. But I also make a heap of other bits and pieces. I am lucky enough that people like my products enough to buy them! I think that is the ultimate compliment! I currently sell at markets around Perth, as well as on my Etsy store and occasionally through Facebook.

Feel free to have a look around my site, leave me comments and share away! Hopefully you find some inspiration and come visit me again!

By the way, you can also find me on Instagram!

Nicole x


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