Friday, 11 July 2014

Winter Warmers Showcase

Ooh a Showcase! How special does that sound?
If you follow any makers on Facebook then you've probably heard of showcases before. If not - let me fill you in! I had seen them floating around my news-feed, but never really understood them before.
Well now I'm taking part in my SECOND showcase! My first was quite successful so I thought I'd give it another shot!

So here's what happens. (Feel free to skip this part if you know already)

As a maker/artist/seller you submit your item/s for sale to the organiser. You also give a description/price/postage details etc.
The organiser usually sets a time frame for the submissions and the products usually need to suit a specific theme.

The Showcase will have a set "opening time" and "closing time". Once declared open, as a buyer you comment "sold" on the item you want. NIL (next in line) can also be commented if the sale to the first person falls through.

Payments are generally made for the item within 24hrs and contact between the seller and the buyer must be made within this time also.

So that is a general outline of how they work. Obviously each showcase would have it's own rules and terms and conditions so make sure you read them!!

But anyway... onto the Showcase featuring my owls! This is being run by Handmade In Western Australia. It is an awesome Facebook page dedicated to promoting handmade businesses in Western Australia.

This Showcase is titled Winter Warmers. And although all items must be made in WA, they can certainly be bought by anyone from anywhere within Australia ( possibly international too - just check with the seller first for international shipping rates). Items are available for purchase from 6pm WST on Friday 18th July.
 My submissions are these two winter themed owls.
There are heaps of other awesomely amazing handmade items up for purchase as well! Pop over and check them out!
Have you bought from or sold at a showcase before? Were the rules similar?

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