Monday, 28 July 2014

Beach getaway!

Holidays, holidays.... I love holidays
No washing, no ironing, no cooking....what's not to love?
Well hubby and I decided to have a little getaway on the weekend. Just to Mandurah (coastal town of WA - but only about 1hrs drive from home)
It wasn't extravagant, but it was a getaway, away from the daily routine.

We were hoping for nice weather, but unfortunately it rained most of the time. There were a few moments of blue skies though, so we got to enjoy ourselves and just relax! Here's some photo's I thought I'd share with you.

Keep your eyes peeled for "part 2" of our Beach Getaway. Something very exciting happened!!!!


  1. It looks like a lovely getaway and that shot of the Ferris Wheel and the sun in the back is absolutely beautiful X

    1. Thank-you! Yes I love that shot. It is one of those "accidentally good" shots! I only took that photo as my family are riding in the carriage there! I actually couldn't see the photo on my screen until we got back to the hotel, as the glare made my screen dark!

  2. Your photos are so nice! I especially like the Ferris wheel one. I love relaxing during the holidays and not having to do anything chore related. it's the best. Glad you got to relax!


    1. Thanks Sherry! I loved not having to do chores! But I must admit I did wish there was a washing machine though, as the kids clothes got so wet and muddy!