Sunday, 3 August 2014

Market Day!

Wow! What a fantastic weekend I've had!
Yesterday was my first market back for the season. I was a bit worried with the weather we've been having recently, but it actually turned out to be a beautiful day! The photos look a little grey, and even though it was cold it was nice day!
So this market was run by Street Hassle Events. The Heron Park Local and General Market!

The thing I love about markets is not only all the amazing handmade items, but also the people. I probably spent much more time than I should have chatting away to other stall holders! But I was able to catch up with so many amazingly talented people, and see all there wonderful creations! Over the next week I'll be sharing some of them in my Handmade Love series (Here is a link to my first post in this series)
The food is also a huge part of a great market.
I met Marnie from Marnies Raw Creations.
I haven't had much experience with raw foods before, but it is definitely something that interests me. I wont go into details of raw foods - as I would hate to get it wrong (as I say - I don't know much about it) but please check out Marnies Facebook page to find out some more info. And check out these goodies that we bought. So Delicious!!!! 


It was a bit tricky for me to photograph my items this time. I was in the lovely homestead and I had a window behind me - so the sun was adding a glare to my pictures!!! But here's a couple anyway!!

And so now I've done my first market for the season, I have 7 days to prepare for my next one!!
Next weekend is the Rockingham Handmade Expo! I better get sewing!
What's your favourite thing about craft markets?


  1. Sounds and looks like a beautiful market, your owls look amazing!

    1. Thankyou! Yes it's a beautiful market. Such a lovely location!