Tuesday, 19 August 2014

To Infinity (Scarf) and Beyond!

I have a confession to make.... I'm a tad bit obsessed with scarves this winter. I think its the ease of being able to dress up a plain top whist keeping me warm at the same time!
Now you know me... I don't like to spend money on something I can make myself, so, I thought I'd make myself an infinity scarf, and show you how to do it at the same time!
Lets flash back about a year ago. I decided to make an infinity scarf for my mum and sis for Christmas. I kinda just winged it, as I couldn't understand the tutorials I found on how to do it. They turned out ok, but I now know the best way to make them. It's really easy and you can make up a scarf in less than 20mins once you know how. And now I'm going to show you!
What to do:
So firstly, you need a large piece of fabric. I found this amazing piece in the remnant bin at my fabric store (remnants get 50% off - BARGAIN!) This piece was just under a meter long and about 70cm wide.

Lay your fabric flat and fold it in half longways. Pin it together and stitch down the side. You will then have a 'tube' - with an opening at both ends.

Now turn it in the right way, and lay it flat again. (I put the seam in the middle facing up.)

Now take the bottom of your 'tube' and pull it up on itself. This will fold it back in half with the wrong side facing out.
Now you need to sew around the top. To do this, separate the tube so that you are sewing only the 2 pieces of fabric together. (don't sew all 4 together or you'll get in a huge mess!) Leave a few centimetres gap.

Using the gap, turn the scarf in the right way.
Hand stitch the gap closed, and your done!

I love my scarf!

After making this one, I think I may now have a sight obsession with making them too!


  1. You made that sound easy, maybe even I could make one. That material is beautiful I love all of that colour.

    1. It is easy once you know how! I've made another 2 since I made that one! ( told you Im addicted! haha) And yes I grabbed that fabric pretty quickly when I saw it! You should definitely have a go at making one! But be careful - you might get addicted too!