Monday, 25 August 2014

Lucky me! The Sewing Room Make-Over

***Before I begin this post, I have one request..... please don't judge me - for I am a messy crafter!
Yes, it is true. I am the most messiest crafter around. To me it is definitely organised chaos, but to everyone else (especially my husband) it is a mega pigsty!
So in his efforts to assist me in confining my mess (and score mega brownie points) my hubby took a trip to Ikea and bought me a whole new room (well pretty much!)
So here's my before photos (remember - no judging!)  

Ok. To be truthful, these photos aren't too bad. they don't show the messy floor or the crates of fabric scraps piled up!
But anyway, on with the make-over!!
Hubby had his Dad come over to help put the shelves up... heres an action shot!

(yes, that is another shelf plus an exercise step assisting with holding the unit up!- that was later removed!)
And now to fill the shelves!
I own a lot of stuff, so I'll forgive you if you think it still looks like a mess!

I am completely in love with my new room! I'll have some more photo's to share soon!
Thanks hubby!


  1. There's still heaps of space... My craft room has boxes of stuff on top all my shelving and I'm a messy crafter too so I can't and won't judge ;)
    ps: The room looks fantastic!!!!

    1. Thanks Richelle! I don't think there is such a thing as a 'tidy crafter'...who has time to tidy when there's crafting to be done!

  2. I see my pink and blue owl pillows haha. I wish i had a room like this at my house. Your very lucky!

    1. Yes! That's them!! I liked having them sitting there! And Yes - I am pretty lucky to have my own space!