Friday, 4 January 2013

Getting organised!

Happy New year everyone!!!

Have you set some goals for the year? I have.

There is quite a few.... there always is and they are always gone by about the 5th Jan!!

Not this year!!

My first resolution is to really make an effort!

So heres what I plan for this year.....

1. Make an effort! Set goals and try to stick to them!

2. Organisation - I think this is definately a big one! This year I am becoming a Stay at Home Mum, and I know how tempting that couch (or the laptop or the iphone) can be in wasting time!! I also have a huge to-do list for during the week while the kids are at school.
My house also needs organising. Filing paper work, re-organising the cupboard, etc etc..
So organisation will be the key!

3. Get Healthier - Ok, so this one pops up every year - get fit - get healthy..... it never happens... so if I say health-ier it might be a bit more realistic. Hopefully.

So here i go.....

I've started. Today Ive pureed some home grown tomatoes, onion and garlic. This is then going in the freezer for future use. Being pureed to pretty much Liquid means I will be able to hide it in food for my fussy family!


I have also started to clear my sewing table of all those unfinished projets. Library bags, there is about 20 of these. Im doing them for the January market. But they were all unfinished. Now they are done. In a nice pile ready to go. ( also available on my facebook page )

And taggy blankets. I had 2 of these that I started ages ago. I had them all pinned just needed to sew. So now they are done!  Another job finished!

And lastly a softie babushka doll. Just a simple printed panel that I cut out out, sewed and stuffed. But now thats finished too. Might do a few more of these for my next stall.

Definately starting to feel good! finishing off stuff, organising.... now just got to finish  off the junk food in the house, then I can get healthy......

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