Friday, 11 January 2013

Pay It Forward!

I've recently become a little bit addicted to online groups, forums and communities. Not really a problem I guess, apart from the fact I end up spending much more time than I would really like to on the computer!
One of the best communities I've become a part of is Pay It Forward. I've joined 2 local PIF groups through Facebook. The groups are made up of locals who have items they no longer need but are to good to throw away. Instead you list the items on the page. There is a few rules which you MUST follow, or you will be banned from the sites! All items must be for free, and if they interest you, you ask to be 'considered'. The PIF-er will choose someone randomly. If you are chosen you must pick the item up ASAP. There are limits to how much you are allowed to ask for and recieve. They also ask that if you have recieved an item then look around your house and find something to Pay Forward. That way the circle of giving continues!
Some people are very generous in the items they give away. It is such a lovely thing that people are willing to help each other out - and trust that the person recieving is not going to just turn around and sell the goods.
I've seen people offering movie tickets, massages, books, toys, furniture, clothes, electrical items and so much more!
Today I chosen for some books. I've actually wanted both these books for a little while now, so the fact that I was chosen for them was awesome! 
I have 4 bags full of items sitting in my front room that are waiting for people to pick up that I have "PIFed".
The whole "Pay It Forward" idea is kind of like a big op-shop on line - but for free items. But no need to worry, it will never replace op shops and thrift stores! I still donate and shop through them too!
Now I'm off to have a little read of my new books!


  1. What a great idea! I haven't even heard of these groups. How is that possible with the amount of time I spend online :)

    Lovely blog. Rachel xx

  2. Thanks Rachel! Yes the whole Pay it Forward idea is fantastic! There is quite a few facebook pages for them here in Perth!

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