Sunday, 27 January 2013

Happy Australia Day!!

My what a busy weekend we are having!!!

Saturday was of course Australia Day. So happy Australia Day to all my fellow Aussies!

It's funny how celebrating our fantastic country is done in so many different ways. For some it's the beach, others it's beer, it's the heat, the fake tattoo's, the BBQ's, tacky merchandise, blow-up swimming pools and fireworks.

In the past few years it has become a tradition of ours to go to the local fireworks. Last year I didn't go - due to having a 3 day old baby!- but hubby and the kids did. So back into this year!
We did do it a bit differently this time though.

We decided not to go to the big celebrations at the park. Instead we tried to avoid the crowds so we went to one of the local shopping centre car parks. We set up our spot - along with some other families, and watched the show from there!

It really is a lovely thing that this one time of year people really do think of our great country and show how proud we are to be a part of it!

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