Sunday, 12 May 2013

Handmade Mother's Day


Happy Mothers day to all the wonderful mummies out there!!
I thought I would share my Mothers Day with you. It was definitely a busy one - that's for sure!
So we kind of had a "Hand Made Mothers Day" theme.
I always think that the gifts that are handmade are so much more special. They are the ones that real thought has gone into - and it's not something that you could just go out and get for yourself at the shop.
So for my mum this year, I made her a bottle of home made chilli sauce (find the recipe here).

I also made her a little pillow. This has got the hand prints of my three kids on it. I made it with all recycled materials and stuffed it with an old pillow of ours.

So my day started with a little sleep in and a yummo breakfast in bed! Hubby and the boys put together a huge plate of pancakes and maple syrup for me! Then we had the mad dash "clean-up the house" before the family all came round. We had an awesome homemade lunch with some delicious sandwiches, sausage rolls, sponge cake and of course my chilli sauce for lunch!!  It was so good!!
And now to end the day the kids and hubby are watching TV and I'm blogging! So it's been a pretty good day!
Hope you all have enjoyed your day too!



  1. Happy Mothers Day! I am going to have to try that chillis sauce recepie. Hubby loves chilli's

    1. Yes you should give it a go! It was so easy to do and so yummy!

  2. I'm glad that you had such a good mothers day. it sounds great to me. i love the idea of the handprints on the cushion. Its very sweet and I'm sure that your mother will cherish it. I have to agree with you, presents that are handmade mean so much more than anything else. It's the time and effort that make them valuable. my pet hate is gift vouchers as a present. They are so thoughtless.

    1. Hi Rosie! Yes it was a great Mothers Day! And I really did enjoy the "Handmade Theme". Christmas will be handmade this year too! I'm really looking forward to that - but i might have to start soon so Im prepared!