Tuesday, 4 June 2013

WA Day Long Weekend

Who doesn't love a long weekend!!!???
By the time the weekend comes around each week there's so much stuff to do, but so little time to do it!! That's why long weekends are so cool! A whole extra day to do stuff! Agree?
Well something we like to do on long weekends is go for a day trip to the little country town of York. Long weekends are the best time to go as the drive is quite exhausting and we need the extra day off to recover!
My hubby has family there, so our visits are normally filled with catch-ups more than 'touristy' stuff. But this weekend when we visited, we stopped in at a local Collectors Market.

It was held in a lovely old hall with squeaky floor boards and high ceilings. There were tables running the length of the hall filled with all sorts of old bric-a-brac.
Each item was clearly old, and I'm sure each had a fantastic story behind it.
I think I circled the room about 4 or 5 times. Each time a different item would catch my eye! I think I found little boxes and tins the most interesting. Not sure why. There was just something lovely about them.

These little ones were my favourite. The little red tin on top was from a typewriter ribbon. So cute!
Of course seeing family was a nice part of this long weekend, but I think the treasure discovery of the the collectors market was a little bit more special (don't tell them I said that!!).

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