Monday, 29 April 2013

Broken Bones and Pretty Trees!

Well what a week we have had here at the House! Mr 5 very cleverly snapped 2 of the bones in his arm whist playing at school last week! That resulted in me having to rush to school to pick him up and take him to the hospital emergency. He broke it so badly that we had to be transferred to Fremantle hospital to have an operation. NOT how I had planned my week to end and NOT how I had planned school holidays to start!

But despite the fact that he must be in pain, and is restricted with what he can do - (he has an above elbow cast that goes right down to his wrist) he is managing REALLY well. I love how kids can just "get on with it". He hasn't complained once about it!

And so after our little stay overnight in the hospital, on our drive out - something caught my eye. It was an awesome yarn bombed tree!

We had to have his arm checked again on Friday, so this time we took a little walk around the corner to look at the tree properly!

I must admit - I was a tad bit excited! I have never seen a "real-life" yarn bombing before.
(other than my little yarn bombed project earlier in the year).

I stood there for ages just admiring it. The time and love that had gone into beautifying this tree was amazing. And the fact that it was pretty much outside the hospital, where so much doom and gloom is. This tree must put a smile on many faces, and just add a bit of colour to what may be a bad day for many.

This tree has made me definitely want to properly yarn bomb something. I just need to learn how to knit. But I WILL do it!


  1. Wouldn't that tree just cheer up anybodies day? What a great place to put it too, exactly where people need it the most. i hope that your son feels better soon and it doesn't hold him back too much.
    Rosie xx

    1. It sure brightened my day thats for sure!!
      And thanks, he is coping really well. He's even been attempting to ride his bike and scooter - even with his paranoid mum telling him not too!!
      nicole xx

  2. I hope your little one keeps his positive attitude, that tree would brighten anyones day what a lovely location to do it.

  3. Yes hes a pretty tough kid! His main concern has been wanting to finish school holidays so his school friends can sign it!!

  4. It must have just hit Australia :-) I just saw a pic another blogger posted of a yarn bomb (well, it looks more like a blankie wrapped around a pole) around Sydney . I've never seen a real life one yet though...