Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Todays Project - A Nappy Wallet

Organisation is not my strong point. I know that. Doesn't matter how organised I try to be, it doesn't happen. I have a terrible memory and time management doesn't always exist. PLUS just when I feel as though I am getting on top of things, I find myself wondering into new projects - normally ones with no necessity!!
But today was a little different. Although I have a HUGE stack of sewing to be done, and a (smaller) pile of unfinished projects to be completed (not to mention cooking, cleaning, and general house duties), I decided to use my bubs nap time to make a nappy wallet.
As I say, this project is a bit different. I actually need a nappy wallet to keep my bag tidy and make it easier to find things in there! So this little project wasn't a waste of time.

I used fabric that I already had, and made a button from the scraps to match.
It is kind of big, but it fits not only two nappies and the change mat (pictured) but also a pack of wipes, plastic bags and a small tube of cream.
It's not perfect, but it will definitely do the job!


  1. Cute! and I like the spotty nappies!

    1. Thanks! They are a cute nappy aren't they! ('Snugglers' brand)