Wednesday, 18 April 2012

It's Raining!!

For once the weather man didn't lie!! It is actually raining!! Something that I have missed. I think it was only a couple of weeks ago that we had a wet day, but then it was back to sunshine again. And yes the sunshine is good, and it was ok becuase it wasn't too hot, but there is just something about the rain.

And the best bit about the rain, is the garden....not only does it get a lovely drink, but the rain makes the plants all look extra green, and the soil a dark rich colour, and gives it an all round healthy look.

Even my poor veggie patch that is crying out for some attention looks better!! Hopefully the rain will help encourage the (self seeded) pumkin to produce some fruit!
I never have much luck with pumpkin! Plenty of flowers but no actual pumpkins! 

Capsicum on the other hand (located in the mddle of the veggie patch) delivers time and time again! Unfortunately Im not a big capsicum fan, but it grows sooooo well!! It does look a bit spindley at the moment, but it is by far my best grower - EVER!!

I have a nice little stock of diced up capsicum in the freezer. I add it to most cooking, and as it is diced small, its hard to notice, or easily mistaken for carrot, so the kids (and hubby) eat it without noticing!

But unfortunately the rain brings with it snails! Did you know that snails can live for 3 years just in their shell, without coming out? I didn't know that! I read it somewhere, so hopefully I've got it right!!! That explains how they manage to come out of no where when it rains, because they are already around, sitting dormant waiting for the wet!

Ok, well the rain has now stopped, so its time to gather the kids to go snail hunting, and free them to the bush land across the road!!

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