Saturday, 14 April 2012


So this morning I was standing in the park in Fremantle, having a discussion about how boring Perth is. We were feeling sorry for tourists that would visit our beautiful sleepy city and find that there really is not much here!
We said "sure, Freo is here but whats in Freo? much.."
Well after spending the day there I've realised something...... 

Freo: its all about the sounds, smells, and sights.

Its about the atmosphere.

The singing buskers, colourful preformers, squawking seagulls, the smell of fish and chips, and of course the markets.... its all part of the atmosphere that cannot be descibed to its fullest. It is an inspiring place. And I actually always come away thinking I'd love to live in Freo and be able to fully submerge myself in the culture.

But for some reason, our visits are always so few and far between that I forget this.

So I take it all back. Freo is a lovely part of city, you've just got to enjoy the experience and the cuture. I think we should plan our next visit now.....

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