Saturday, 6 October 2012


Its been a year since we've had a holiday, and boy did I feel like we needed some time away from home!!
All the constant fighting from the boys, the messy house, the 'Im hungry!' 'Im bored!' Grrrrr I need a get away!!! But ......I suppose the family can come too!! So off we went for a little family trip down south!
So as we had travelled 3hrs from home, I REALLY wanted us to visit Gnomesville!
Gnomesville is located in the Ferguson Valley just out of a town called Dardanup. We got lost :(
Well not really lost, but we kinda didn't really know where we were going!
But once we finally got there, it was well worth it!!
Over 8000 gnomes have made their way there from all over the world!
Gnomes were everywhere you look- up and on trees, along and in the river, along the pathways, on logs, EVERYWHERE!!!!!
Absolutely awesome!!!!
It was worth the detour- and next time we visit, we will add one more to the collection, from our family!

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