Wednesday, 10 October 2012


Well this post is actually about something I've done for work. See I usually try to keep my work off my blog, but this time, things kinda overlap, so here it goes....

As I work in a three year old kindy, and as kindy kids LOVE dinosaurs, I've created a dinosaur fossil tray for them to discover some dinosaur bones!

I must admit, my own kids are loving it! As you can see, my 5yr old couldnt keep his hands away for long enough for me to take a photo!

I actually havent finished it yet. The idea is that I will place some sand on top and give the kids some paint brushes. As they move the sand they will discover the hidden fossils underneath.

I had a little dilema before making it....actually I had a couple....I wasnt sure what I could make it in that would keep the sand contained. It needed to be big enough that it wont be easily broken, but not too heavey for me to move.

As I was driving yesterday, pondering my thoughts, my problem was sovled as I drove down a street with a verge collection. Someone had put out some cupboard draws. So, I stopped my car on a main road, and collected a couple of draws. Dont get me wrong, Im all for recycling, but Im not usually the type to collect off the verge.

My other problem was the dinosaur bones...... I didnt have any. And every shop I looked in didnt have any either!
In the end the trusty $2 shop had some, and she even threw in a bonus one because it was broken.

So now my discovery tray is finished (minus the sand). So I guess I'll have to wait until next week when school goes back to see how popular it will be!


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