Monday, 25 March 2013

Sculptures by the Sea

For the last few years now I have been wanting to visit the Sculptures by the Sea exhibition in Cottesloe. This weekend we finally got around to doing it - and it happened to be the last day!
There was over 70 exhibits with artists being local, interstate and international. The artworks were spread out throughout the beach, foreshore and jetty. Totally Amazing!!
I thought I would share with you some of my favourite pieces.
I apologise for not noting down the sculptures names - it was crazy busy!!
I just love this one (above). It was hundreds of toys suspended in the air. It was so bright and interesting. I like to think that it has inspired a whole new range of "threats" for mothers - "clean up your toys or I'll hang them from a tree". ( I might be using this one later!!)

I'm a bit bummed that I couldn't get a pic of these  three "swimmers" together. They were so popular and had heaps of people posing with them. All my shots ended up with photo-bombers!

This piece was awesome. It was made from bamboo with little fans/propellers on top that caught the wind. This then produced a beautiful singing sound. Such a lovely piece as each bamboo pole represented a life lost in the Bali Bombings.

And finally this one was my kids favourite. After all who couldn't love a giant conducting skeleton perched high above the beach? It was pretty cool. And pretty huge!
I am so glad I was able to see the exhibit. It was really inspiring. Looking forward to next years one now!!


  1. Amazing, I cant even pick a favourite.

    1. I know! It was hard to pick just these photos to show! All the sculpures were just fantastic!

  2. Wow, this looks amazing and lovely and warm (it is very cold today snowing in the UK, brrr). I love the toys in the tree too, what a great way to re-cycle old baby toys as a keepsake from your kids childhood. I saw a similar thing at Christmas with a normal tree outside full of baubles, there must have been hundreds on there and it looked fantastic.

    1. My boys were kept busy for ages looking at the toys! They spotted a whole heap of toys that we own/used to own!
      Christmas Baubles would look fantastic! I will have to remember that and maybe construct something similar (but not so huge) at Chrissy time!! Thanks!!