Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Echo's Story!

Hello friends!
Well it has been a very busy and exciting long weekend here at our place! We've caught up with friends, driven to the country to see family,  the boys went golfing (Mr 5 absolutely loved that... but that's a whole other post...) and finally and most excitingly is the arrival of our newest family member....  I am pleased to introduce you to ECHO.

Image from Desperate for Love Facebook page
Echo is a 6 month old Staffy cross. We found her through an organisation called "Desperate for Love Dog Pound Rescue".  These are a fantastic group of people who go to all the local pounds and save the doggies that are about to meet the end.
As they don't have a shelter to operate from, the rescued dogs are "fostered" out to homes around Perth. From there they advertise through Facebook to find new homes. Whilst they are in care, the pooches are made healthy, vaccinated and sterilised, before being re-homed.
Echo, along with her mum, dad and sister had been taken to the pound as their owner could no longer care for them due to his "Fly in/ fly out" job.

Whilst in Foster care, Echo had to have an operation on her knee for an injury she had. This wonderful group (D4L) fund raised and paid for this op, and to see her running around now, you would never know that an injury even existed.
I like to considered her life being saved twice, many would have chosen to not operate, as they just don't have the funds for it.
I would like to take the opportunity in this post to publicly thank everybody involved in Echos rescue and in making her fit and healthy for our family.

We are completely in love with our new family member, and cant wait for all the fun we will have together.
If you would like to help Desperate for Love Dog Rescue raise funds to enable them to save more dogs, please see there facebook page for Donation Details by clicking here


  1. She is so sweet! That face!

    We have a rescue staffy cross too...we think she is staffy kelpie...and she is the best dog ever.
    She is smart like a kelpie but sooky and always wants to be with us like a staffy.

    Good on you for getting a rescue dog!
    I am sure she will love being part of your family!

  2. I love that you saved Echo! How wonderful! And she is super cute too :)

    x Jasmine

  3. These kind of stories make me feel good about people.. I would also like to have a rescue dog, and I definitely will if I ever buy a house!

  4. Echo is gorgeous and you are awesome for giving her a happy home!

    I've nominated you for a Liebster Award. Details are on my blog :)