Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Busy, Busy

Hello my friends! Boy have I missed you! It's been nearly a week since I've blogged. I actually don't know where all my time has gone....oh wait......cooking, cleaning, school pick-ups, school drop-offs, parent/teacher meetings ("conveniently" in the middle of the day, so I have to make extra trips to the school and back!), washing, ironing, more washing.....ok, you get my point. Well it hasn't been all work and no play, I've added some new little friends to my House Of Nicnax Etsy store,


Received an awesome little package of new fabric this morning,

and I have been super busy designing a new owl!

Yes a new owl product is in production!
All thanks to one of my beautiful friends! She wanted me to make her an owl pillow. So I have designed and created one for her that is the "pillow" version of the "doorstop".
So my bloggging friends I shall reveal to you first, the new Owl Pillow By House of Nicnax.

Drum roll please........

What do you think??

I know its a bit rough, but I've become a little bit addicted, and made a few now. And the pillow has now evolved to just a pillow case. This way I thought if there was any interest I could sell them through Etsy.

So let me know your thoughts friends! I value your opinions! Do you think she will like them??


  1. OOoh! I love your new pillows - me thinks me needs a couple for 2 little boys beds.

    1. Oh they would LOVE that! I'll see what I can do!

  2. Like them?? I'm sure that she'll love them! I know that I do. Fantastic and so sweet.
    Rosie xx

  3. your owl designs are great! I had to smile at the "convenient" time of the school meetings!

  4. they are gorgeous! Make sure you show them off to friends and give them as pressies...thats how I've got most of my business! An etsy shop is a fab idea too x