Monday, 4 February 2013

Back to School Fun

Well it has definitely been a busy morning in my house today. First day back at school for the year for the boys. Now they are both in full time school, leaving me and bub to be at home.
Of course things never quite go as smoothly as we like, so due to teething issues, I was up half the night with little Miss - giving me probably around 2-3 hours sleep!
Then up and at it for school this morning! Luckily I had organised some bits last night and hubby did more than his fair share this morning - so I could sleep in!

School drop off was a breeze with both boys being excited to be back with their friends. No tears from anyone (not even me), a first EVER!

Then the new year really started for me. My new job. YAY! Stay at home mum! I have always wanted to be home, and now I am. Now it is up to me to work out a routine to fit everything in. This lap-top of mine can get quite tempting. With Facebook, Blogger, Etsy and just general web surfing, hours can pass, without even knowing it! (but I'm sure you get that too!)

So with bub having an early nap, I got on with some much needed owl making for my upcoming market this weekend, I did a half hour workout - as per my new years promises to myself, I have baked a batch of cheesy-mite scrolls, and currently have some jam scolls cooking away too! Yay for me. And now I have almost completed a blog entry -  just as bub is waking up.

So all round I think I have had a successful morning - and its not even 1 o'clock yet!

Lets hope this can continue for the rest of the year!

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