Friday, 5 July 2013

Weekend Project- Chilli Garland

So a little while back I told you all how overrun with chillis we are in our house! Yes we have millions of chillis. I have been handing them out to family, friends, neighbours - anyone that will take them really!
I used a whole batch for some awesome Sweet Chilli Sauce, and now as the chilli seasom is finishing up, I thought I would make a Chilli Garland with the last lot from the trees - yes Trees, my plants are HUGE.
So this will be my first post in my new Weekend Projects series. Here's how I did it!

First I filled my bowl with an assortment of the chillis. Red- green - and orange, and all the shades inbetween.

 Then I used some embroidery thread and needle to string them all together

I like to thread randomly. The colours are amazing. They are so autumn-y!

And finally I have strung it up in the garden. It looks great as it spins in the wind! I know technically a garland is usually draped, or a circular shape - but I'm still going to call this a Garland as that sounds better than "Hanging Thing"!! 

**** BIG hint..... Don't touch your face whilst threading the chillies!!! And be sure to wash your hands well after! 

Here's some others I made as well. These ones are with some herbs from the garden. These smell so devine! 

So this weekend why not make your own garland? Maybe a herb or flower one?
Have Fun!


  1. What a great idea! These look fantastic!

    x Jasmine

  2. Thanks Jasmine! I love looking out my kitchen window and seeing it spining around! This morning there was a little snail on the last chilli, having a ride as it spun- it was very cute!