Thursday, 12 July 2012

School holidays!!

School holidays are here already!!!
How fast is this year travelling!!

Well like most mums, I've been trying to think of things to keep the kids busy without it costing me an absolute fortune! We normally do the rounds of the shopping centres and take part in their free holiday entertainment, but the boys are getting a bit bored of that, so time to think of something different!

On Monday I suggested maybe we go to the library? Well you should have heard them!! They were so excited!
I must admit, Im really lucky, the boys do enjoy simple things! Visits to the park, the pool (too cold for that at the moment), the beach, the library and the museum were all on the list of brain storming ideas we came up with!

And yesterday we got a bit creative and turned our playroom into a campsite! Yes we set up the four-man tent in our back room! And before you say anything, I know its a bad picture, but the tent is so big, nothing else will fit into the room!!

The boys even set up their BBQ with a piece of astro-turf, to give that authentic camping experience ( complete with knitted sausages!)
They spent the night in there, and I'm sure they actually slept better than they do in their own beds!

So now what for the rest of the week? I'm not sure yet....Im sure I'll think of something!!

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