Friday, 30 March 2012

Same, same....

"My baby has that shirt"
"We love our dress like that"
"My baby wears her outfit like that all the time"....

It's a mothers worst nightmare.... you dress your baby looking all cute, only to discover that every second child is either wearing the same outfit, or owns the same one at home. 
And really why wouldnt we all have the same clothes for our children? When shops like Kmart have clothes for $3, it's hard to resist buying them.
I had this discussion with the mums at my mothers group today. We all shop at the same shops and buy the same things!!

So when I got home, bub was sleeping so I was all inspired to re-vamp her closet and transform some of her clothes into original one off pieces!!

Now next week no-one will be saying to us..."we own that..." 

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